Our Philosophy

The founding parents of Fort Caspar Academy carefully and deliberately defined the school as a “community with definite and distinguishing characteristics.”  They set about designing a program of back to basics education that would help students attain the basic tools of learning and guide them into solid, substantive subject matter.  Highly trained teachers, coupled with an orderly and nurturing learning environment, help students earn confidence as they turn effort into achievement.

Parents at FCA are empowered to develop the ongoing practices of the school and to work closely with teachers and students.  Moral discipline is a central mission of the school.  It is important for students to be concerned for others, sensitive and responsive to the needs and misfortunes of others, kind, and gentle-hearted.  It is the goal of the school to infuse in students the joy of learning and to develop a commitment to a life characterized by honesty, courage, respect and concern for others.