2016/2017 Staff Changes



Mrs. Ritter will not be returning to FCA as she will be staying home with her new baby. We wish her the best!

Mrs. Margie Moravetz will be filling this position. She comes to FCA with twelve years of teaching experience. She spent five of those years teaching first grade.

Third Grade

This summer Mrs. Gazda took a position teaching Math at Dean Morgan Middle School and Mrs. Fauss made a move to Evansville Elementary. We wish them both well in their new endeavors.

We are welcoming an FCA parent, Mrs. Heather Bright, to the third grade team. Mrs. Bright taught at Manor Heights Elementary before staying home for a number of years with her children. She has three children who attend FCA.   Ms. Snell will move from fourth grade to third grade.

At this point in the summer class lists have been set since May.  As I assigned classes to teachers in third grade, I took parent requests and the reasons given for requests into consideration.  After serious thought and looking at students in each class, I decided to assign Mrs. Fauss’ class to Ms. Snell and Mrs. Gazda’s class to Mrs. Bright.  I do not plan to make other moves and changes to class lists at this time.  The lists have been made with a great deal of care to create balanced learning communities of students.

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Holbrook has taken a position at Crest Hill Elementary. Ms. Chris Lenihan will be taking over Mrs. Holbrook’s class. Ms. Lenihan comes to us from CY Middle School. Another FCA parent, Mrs. Tonya Munari, will take over Ms. Snell’s classroom. Mrs. Munari has eighteen years of teaching experience ranging from fourth grade to middle school.

Additional Staff Changes

We have added a second special education teacher, Ms. Jocelyn Morris. Ms. Morris is a new teacher. She grew up in Casper.

We added a half time tutor to work alongside Ms. Berst, our current tutor.  Ms. Julie Eastes will be at FCA half time to fill that position.  She has been with Natrona County School District for many years.

An Instructional Facilitator is being added to the staff at FCA to help with professional development of our teachers and assistants.  Mrs. Brenda Bosco is returning to FCA to fill this role.  Mrs. Bosco was a teacher at FCA for many years, an Instructional Facilitator for FCA in previous years, and is currently a parent at FCA.

We also had two staff members who have recently gotten married. Ms. Johnson in the front office is now Mrs. Lucas. Ms. Berst, our tutor, is now Mrs. Stillwell.

The placement of classroom assistants will be set by the time school starts.  As the number of students in each grade level decreases, we lose classroom assistant time.  We did not lose any classified staff due to this, but there will be some shifting of staff.  Since our number of special education students has grown, Mrs. Becci McCain will move from assisting in fourth grade to special education.

We are looking forward to a great school year at Fort Caspar Academy!


Rick Edwards