FCA utilizes The FOSS Science Program in grades K-5.  The FOSS Program design is based on learning progressions that provide students with opportunities to investigate core ideas in science in increasingly complex ways over time. FOSS starts with the intuitive ideas that primary students bring with them and provides experiences that allow students to develop more sophisticated understanding as they grow through the grades.   The FOSS K-5 curricula are outlined below.

FOSS K-5 Program Scope and Sequence

GradeLife ScienceEarth and Space SciencePhysical Science and TechnologyScientific Reasoning and TechnologyAlternative Modules
5Food and NutritionSolar EnergyLevers and PulleysModels and DesignsLiving Systems
EnvironmentsLandformsMixtures and SolutionsVariablesWater Planet
3-4Human BodyWaterMagnetism and ElectricityIdeas and InventionsMatter and Energy
Structures of LifeEarth MaterialsPhysics of SoundMeasurementSun, Moon and Stars
1-2New PlantsAir and WeatherSolids and LiquidsInsects and Plants
InsectsPebbles, Sand and SiltBalance and MotionPlants and Animals
KTreesWood and Paper
Animals Two By Two

Home/School Connection
Each FOSS module for grades K–6 includes Home/School Connection activities and Math Problems of the week. These take-home sheets are available as downloadable pdf.