Discipline: Ticket System

Fort Caspar Academy is characterized by a very structured and consistent learning environment.  The program operates on the concept of mutual respect between students and faculty, common courtesy, friendliness, and cheerfulness.  Its purpose is to create a calm and orderly atmosphere in which to teach children the academic skills.  There are specific consequences for inappropriate behavior which will be enforced by the staff.  We consider our discipline program as a caring stand.  We believe children have a right to learn, teachers have a right to teach, and parent(s)/legal guardian(s) have a right to be parent(s)/legal guardian(s).  At no time will corporal punishment be used by school personnel.

Except for unusual circumstances, the following consequences, which begin over each day, will be adhered to in all classrooms:

  •  1st level: Warning from teacher or supervisor.
  • 2nd level: 5-minute detention during a designated recess.
  • 3rd level: 15-minute detention and a call to the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) by the teacher.
  • 4th level: A short visit to the principal’s office followed by a conference with the child, parent(s)/legal guardian(s), teacher & principal after school or before school begins on the next day.
  • 5th level: Child sent immediately to the principal’s office.  Child sent home for the remainder of day.  If the fifth level is reached prior to lunch, the child may return the following morning. However, if the fifth level is reached after lunch, the child may not return to class until after lunch the following day.

To prevent frequent repeat offenses of minor infractions, and to address more serious offenses that may take place anywhere on the school grounds, a point system will also be adhered to.  Students will receive points for the following reasons:

• 1 point for reaching level 3

• 2 points for reaching level 4

• 3 points for reaching level 5

Points are only given for the highest level reached.  They are not accumulative.

1 point will be given when a “SERIOUS OFFENSE” takes place anywhere on school property.

The following will be considered a “SERIOUS OFFENSE” and will result in a minimum of a written citation and a letter to the parent(s)/legal guardian(s), which must be signed and returned the next school day, and one (1) point assigned:

• Roughhousing, fighting, wrestling, attempting to provoke fights, kicking, hitting, or any other type of assault, provoked or unprovoked.

• Obscenity or profanity.

• Insubordination, talking back, or other disrespect of authority.

The citation MUST be signed and returned by the student(s) parent(s)/legal guardian(s) by the end of the third day, or the child will receive one day of out-of-school suspension.

Consequences for receiving points will be as follows:

• 6 points = Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s), student, teacher, principal to have a conference prior to a student attending class on the following day.

• 10 points = Temporary suspension – 1 day of out-of-school suspension.

• 14+ points = Principal’s discretion – could include additional OSS or other appropriate action.

The point system begins over at the end of the 2nd quarter.  The principal, teachers, and staff may administer other consequences for disciplinary infractions when necessary.