Each day, 80 experienced bus drivers transport 7,000 students to and from school in Natrona County. To facilitate transportation of students in an open enrollment district, the department runs a hub system, similar to a public bus system.

The NCSD Transportation Department manages all fleet vehicles, bus drivers, routes, and field trip transportation.

For more details, including bus-rider rules, bus schedules and routes, and safety information, please call 253-5283.

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In response to feedback from parents of students who utilized NCSD Transportation services last year, the District has purchased and installed a parent notification system for all elementary student bus riders (K-5).
Students will be issued an ID card, “The Bus Pass”, to be used upon entering and exiting the bus. This new system will allow our transportation department to take attendance of students on each bus and send a notification via cellular service to parents each time their student(s) get on and off a bus.

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