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Take Home Library

The Take Home Library will be closed for the summer.

  Take Home Library Program


“Studies show that the best way to teach kids to read is to pair them up with books that are at their instructional or independent reading level.  Students can build their fluency and comprehension skills when they read books that are on their target level, allowing them to concentrate on comprehension instead of struggling in decoding unknown words.  Richard Allington states in his book What Really Matters for Struggling Readers (2001) that struggling readers are probably reading books that are above their reading level and should be provided with appropriately leveled texts.”


The goal of the Take Home Library is to give students an opportunity to read books at home that are at their specific reading level.

Here is how it works:

  • Parent volunteers identify your child’s reading level using Scholastic’s Guided Reading Program Assessment.
  • Leveled books are sent home with your child Monday-Thursday.
  • Listen to your child read the book and initial the sheet in your student’s book bag.
  • If your child doesn’t finish the book, DON’T initial it. Have them use a bookmark so we know they are still reading it.  They should still bring the book back to school so we can keep track of all books.
  • If you child loses a book, they will not be given another book until it is found and returned.  If the book cannot be located we will charge a $5.00 replacement fee and your student will be issued a new book once the fee has been paid.
  • If a book is sent home that they have already read, or that you don’t want them to read, simply cross off the title and initial the box.
  • Anytime that you feel that the books are too hard or too easy, please send us a note in the book bag and we will re-assess them.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email us at or put a note into your student’s Take Home Library book bag.

Thank  You!

Sarah Goodman & Melissa Allen

Parent Coordinators

*This program is not associated with the Natrona County School District.*