Community Building

The Fort Caspar community is dynamic, caring, and close-knit.


Our school has a rotation of specials classes that includes art, music, physical education, and library (AMPEL). Every student gets to participate in these enriching experiences that help them to create and appreciate the fine arts, increase their knowledge of recreation skills and healthy practices, and build their love of literature while increasing technology capacity along the way.

English Language Learners

We are also a hub for our district’s English Language Learners program. Students who are part of our English Language Learner program are learning English as their second language.

Students in the Art Room


One way we welcome our new kindergarten students to our school is through our kinder-buddy program. Each kindergartener is paired with a fifth grader, with whom they get to do fun activities and build a friendship with. Our fifth graders develop leadership skills through working with their kinder-buddy, and our kindergarteners grow into our Fort Caspar Community.