Participate in PTO

All parents/legal guardians, teachers, and certified staff are members of the PTO.
Each individual member is eligible to vote by ballot at the Annual Meeting, typically held in April.
Members are encouraged to attend monthly PTO meetings. These meetings provide an excellent forum to stay up to date with school functions, including but not limited to, curriculum policy, current events, and activities. It also provides members the opportunity to voice their ideas, support, and concerns while taking an active role in our children’s future.

The Governing Council (GC) is the governing body of the PTO.
The Governing Council is made up of 15 members, elected by voting members of the PTO, 2 faculty representatives appointed by the principal, and 1 non-faculty parent representative appointed by the principal.
The GC meets the second Tuesday of each month to act on matters of policy and concern. They represent and promote the policies and stated purposes of the PTO. Please feel free to contact members of the Governing Council at any time.