Dress Code

Dress Code Guide

To help support student success, the following dress code document has been created.  Please use the following to support consistency and clarity with dress code enforcement.

We look forward to a great and successful year.  Welcome to Fort Caspar Academy!


Fort Caspar recommends all students wear shoes that are comfortable, weather appropriate, and conducive to running, climbing, walking, and playground conditions.  High heels are not recommended.

Athletic shoes are required for Physical Education classes and activities.

Shoes policy


Shorts cut-off policy

Cut-off (unhemmed) shorts are against FCA policy.

Holes in jeans and shorts are unacceptable.

Length of shorts must reach mid-thigh.

Athletic Shorts and Pants

Athletic shorts policy

When wearing athletic shorts and T-shirts, shirts must be tucked in.

Pants with jackets policy

When wearing athletic pants and T-shirts, shirts must be tucked-in.

Zipped outerwear jackets may be worn when under T-shirt is tucked in.

Outerwear and Sweatshirts

Hoodies and zip sweatshirts are allowed when under T-shirt is tucked in.

Collared Shirts

Collared shirts policy

When wearing a collared shirt it is acceptable to leave it untucked.

Layers with collared shirts policy

When wearing more than one layer with a collared shirt, undershirt must be tucked in.


Fort Caspar Academy students wear belts with all clothing that has belt loops.

Belt policy


Leggings wrong policy

When wearing legging bottoms or form-fitting pants, a longer-styled shirt or tunic must be worn to cover bottom.

Tank Tops

When tank tops are worn, straps must be wide enough to cover clavicle area.

Tank top policy